14 Intriguing Ways to Wear a Scarf This Winter

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A scarf can be much more than an extra layer of warmth, considering the impressive roster of designs that exist in the outerwear world. While brightly colored cocoon coats, metallic puffers, and floor-sweeping trenches no doubt make a statement worn over a winter outfit, a scarf can achieve the same eye-catching effect. So rather than trading in your muted jacket for a full-length number that's out of your budget, try adding a neckerchief or muffler instead, and see how much dimension it brings to your look.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate a scarf as a subtle accent. You can wrap it once over your shoulders and tuck the loose ends away into your collar. If you wear a hijab, you can tie a thin, lightweight bandana underneath and pull most of its length out front, or weave one under the lapels of your blazer to provide a hint of contrast.

Alternatively, you can be big and bold with your intention. Search for vibrant crocheted designs, saturated rainbow plaid prints, or logo-fied shawls to turn heads. In this case, you need little more than some denim or a pair of leggings to sport as the foundation of your ensemble. Just make your scarf your focal point by twisting it at the neck and draping one end toward the front and the other off the back.

Ahead, we've gathered 14 unique ideas for wearing your scarf this season, along with some favorite selects — from fuzzy stoles to oversize, tassel-finished knits.

How to Wear a Scarf: Tucked In
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How to Wear a Scarf: Tucked In

Wrapping your scarf around your neck once, then tucking the loose ends into the collar of your buttoned coat is an easy way to add dimension and warmth. This works best when your outerwear is similar in shade but slightly different in texture, providing a subtle contrast.

How to Wear a Scarf: As a Set
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How to Wear a Scarf: As a Set

A fun and well-thought-out outfit involves a scarf and matching sweater, which you can break up with a simple black bomber and some denim. The co-ord option is yet another example of streamlined, fluid winterwear to dabble in this season.

How to Wear a Scarf: Crochet
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How to Wear a Scarf: Crochet

With crochet taking hold in the fashion world, you can bet you'll have the opportunity to wear various shades of yarn all at once. The key is to add structure to these more avant-garde, eye-catching pieces with black accents, such as leather boots and, in this instance, a tie, which breaks up the busyness.


How to Wear a Scarf: Tonal

Match your scarf to your handbag and boots, drawing from different shades of the same color palette to achieve a monochrome wintry look. To play to the vibe of an oversize cocoon coat, opt for a thick scarf you can wrap multiple times around your neck.


How to Wear a Scarf: Plaid

Blend neutral pieces together with the addition of a plaid scarf thrown over your shoulder. A camel coat styled over a cashmere jumper with black trousers and white shoes is tied together with a checked scarf that incorporates all three colors.


How to Wear a Scarf: Shawl Style

Drape your scarf over any tucked-in top for an air of regal elegance that also provides warmth. This sleek look works best with high-waisted leather pants and heels.

How to Wear a Scarf: Textural

How to Wear a Scarf: Textural

A lightweight cashmere scarf with tassel fringe on the end adds dimension and cozy texture to a sleek leather look. Drape the scarf around your neck and allow it to hang casually, and clutch an everyday bag to update the ensemble with an air of nonchalance.


How to Wear a Scarf: 2-Toned

Get playful with an oversize two-toned scarf when you wrap it around your neck and tie it at the side, allowing half to cover the front of your coat and half to cover the back. You can cinch the look in place with a thin belt and play up the colorblock effect with a complementary accessory, such as this fuzzy bag.


How to Wear a Scarf: Neckerchief

To incorporate a thin, lightweight neckerchief into your look with a hijab, knot the scarf once around your neck and pull most of its length to the front of your look. This adds instant dimension to your outfit, especially when it consists of neutral basics.


How to Wear a Scarf: Pull-Through Knot

Archieve effortless jet-setter status by knotting your scarf over the collar of your coat. Fold the scarf once, wrap it around your neck, and pull the ends through the "loop" side to secure at the front.


How to Wear a Scarf: Color Pop

Your scarf can oftentimes work as the single "color pop" to your look. Just throw on a black floor-length coat over leggings, grab your shoulder bag, and twist a bright checkered scarf around your neck, with one side draped to the back. Your outfit instantly gets a lot more striking with very little effort.

How to Wear a Scarf: Uneven Ends
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How to Wear a Scarf: Uneven Ends

Create a playful visual effect by making one end of your scarf longer than the other, as if you added it onto your outerwear as a second thought before heading out the door. The less-stylized approach feels blasé and a little more relaxed for a daytime look.


How to Wear a Scarf: Makeshift Knitwear

Turn your favorite knitwear into a scarf by tying the sleeves of a sweater or cardigan around your neck. This works best when you're wearing a thin foundation, such as a T-shirt or tank, and you may want to pull on the jumper for another layer of warmth under your blazer later on.


How to Wear a Scarf: Contrast Prints

Don't be afraid to work your logo-fied scarf into a look that involves a printed coat. Stick to neutral tones without many other standout accessories, and allow these two main pieces of outerwear to make for the entirety of your monochrome winter look.

How to Wear a Scarf: H&M Satin Scarf

How to Wear a Scarf: H&M Satin Scarf