This Sweater Styling Hack Was All Over Fashion Week, So Now You're Set For Fall

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A sweater is just a sweater . . . until it isn't. Just as women have gotten creative by swinging their waist bags over the shoulders, tying a jumper across the chest is the new go-to move. Fashion girls like to construct a look that's multidimensional, slightly asymmetrical, and maybe just a bit off. That's why everyone on the street at Fashion Week picked up on this hack, which we've mastered here at POPSUGAR (see Fashion Director Hannah McKinley above). It's started to trend like bucket hats or flip-flops — only this is a style you don't have to buy into in order to pull off.

You can employ the trick in the name of mixing prints. Just find a sweater that matches some of the same shades in your dress or skirt, then knot the ends of the sleeves at the front and decide whether you feel most comfortable letting the fabric lay over your left or right shoulder. Ahead, we're showing you all the sweater connoisseurs we've spotted recently, then suggesting a few practical options that are just perfect for the task at hand. And hey, if you get cold, you've got an extra layering piece. Pretty functional, eh?

Style Du Monde

Take a tip from our Fashion and Shop Director Hannah McKinley and style black and white stripes over a busy, floral-print maxi dress.

POPSUGAR Photography | Benjamin Stone

I chose a bolder color to layer over my denim, but you can do the same with a standout pattern or jumper with a busy print.

Style Du Monde

Coordinate two very classic shades for the office, especially when wearing a button-down. We suggest investing in an oatmeal knit if you don't have one already.

Getty | Timur Emek

Add a sweater to your outfit to get in on the logo trend. Who says you have to wear your favorite designer on your bag when you can wear it on your sleeve?

Style Du Monde

Throw your sweater on over your parka instead of under. Bet you never thought of that.

Style Du Monde

Throwing a sweater over your shoulders adds a casual touch to a prim and proper blazer.

Style Du Monde

Of course, you could always let the sleeves of your sweater swing open to show off a printed scarf or jewelry.

Style Du Monde

If there's a really poppy print you want to show off, make sure you layer it over a plain white tee.

Getty | Matthew Sperzel

Think about coordinating animal print with a cool, trendy new shade like electric blue.