The 1 Thing You Never Knew About Jackie Kennedy's Shoes, Until Now

All fashionable first ladies have style secrets, but Jackie Kennedy's might be the best kept. In a new memoir, her former assistant, Kathy McKeon, revealed Jackie customized all her shoes down to the very inch: a quarter inch to be exact.

"The bedroom walk-in closet was jam-packed with Madam's everyday clothing, all arranged according to color . . . more intriguing to me was the quarter-inch lift affixed to one heel on each pair of shoes, apparently meant to compensate for one leg being slightly shorter than the other," Katy said. "No one would have ever guessed."

That's true because a quarter inch is basically invisible to the naked eye. This surprising tidbit about the former first lady's footwear peaked our curiosity, so we uncovered past photos of her shoes. We needed a closer look! Scroll on to see the archived snaps.