25 Jeans Outfits I Saved on Instagram Because Honestly, I'm Running Out of Ideas

I love jeans. But it's a new love. If I wasn't struggling to find a flattering fit, I was feeling utterly constricted by them anytime the weather went above 65 degrees. Cut to the present, where I'm happy to report that I've come across a few pairs of jeans that I can actually withstand for hours on end. In fact, I'm finding myself seeking out new sources of inspiration for denim outfit ideas almost on the daily. I'm nearly in a state of frenzy! OK, not really. But I'm legitimately shooketh by my current denim-devotee status.

My newfound adoration for jeans comes with a consequence, however. All my other bottoms simply feel too fussy to bother as of late (I'm going to go ahead and blame Winter, despite the fact that it used to be the only time of year you'd ever catch me in a pair of jeans . . . I've evolved). Because of this, I've taken to Instagram to scout fresh outfit ideas from some of my favorite fashion influencers, colleagues, and pals. Like a good social media participant, I've started saving my favorites to a folder that I reference every week, and now, I'm sharing some of my recent saves with you in hopes that it will spark some ideas the next time you're putting together a jeans look. Don't worry, they're not overly complicated, they're actually wearable, and they're rooted in basics you likely already own.

From black jeans to blue, cool cargo styles to creamy shades, ahead, scroll on for 25 jeans outfits I've saved to my "styling inspiration" folder on Instagram.