Let's Take 5 to Fully Appreciate Jennifer Lopez in This Crystal-Studded Bikini, Shall We?

Did your thermometer just spontaneously combust because the temperature got too steep to even register? You can thank Jennifer Lopez for that. The multihyphenate released her "Cambia el Paso" music video on Thursday night, and we almost considered taking an entire day of PTO on Friday just to fully digest her sexy outfit. When the video opens, we see J Lo strolling down the beach in a denim jacket, matching cutoff shorts, and a white blouse that's unbuttoned to reveal the pièce de résistance: a silver crystal-encrusted bikini top. Thankfully, she soon ditches her outer layers to give us a full glimpse at the dazzling swimwear, and goodness gracious, is it a gem.

The shiny suit is positively covered in dozens of circular rhinestones, and the high-waisted bottoms feature a thick black band that reads Dolce & Gabbana, leading us to believe it may be a custom design by the Italian fashion house. Oh, and we'd be remiss not to mention that the bottoms are as cheeky as they come, which we learn about halfway through the video when Jennifer treats viewers to a glimpse at her booty in a swimming pool. Get it, J Lo! Read ahead to admire her one-of-a-kind bikini, and someone please check on Ben Affleck to see how he's handling this one.

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Watch Jennifer Lopez and Rauw Alejandro's "Cambia el Paso" Music Video

See Jennifer Lopez's Outfit in the "Cambia el Paso" Music Video
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See Jennifer Lopez's Outfit in the "Cambia el Paso" Music Video