Julia Fox Towers Over Her Friends in Sky-High Platform Heels at NYFW

Julia Fox took her style game to new heights at New York Fashion Week. On Feb. 15, the model paraded through NYC in a high-rise pair of white platforms. She paired the heels with a fuzzy sequin dress from Wiederhoeft's spring/summer 2023 collection. Towering over her friends and colleagues, Fox put her ankles to the test with every careful yet confident step down the sidewalk.

Wiederhoeft's full collection includes an array of saturated silhouettes in vibrant shades of chartreuse and fuschia. Fox's avant-garde ensemble fell into place beautifully with the rest of the line, boasting a shimmering pink backdrop adorned with a massive poodle decal. The 3-D design even featured clumps of faux fur in white to accentuate the dog's signature haircut along the skirt and bodice.

Allowing the design to speak for itself, Fox kept her accessories simple, opting not to wear jewelry. Her strappy footwear, though, had its own standout moment. The comically tall platforms, which looked like a piece out of Lady Gaga's touring wardrobe, added extra drama to the ensemble. Each shoe included a white strap around the ankle, a silver buckle, and a crisscross design over each foot. The platforms also featured pointed white heels that extended her height by well over 12 inches. While we didn't see Fox take her seat at the event, the model didn't wobble once as she strutted down the pavement, a fashion feat worth celebrating.

Fox's full New York Fashion Week wardrobe has featured several striking pieces. From knee-high faux-fur boots to a floor-length leather skirt with spherical butt cutouts, her week has been packed with head-turning outfits. She even rocked an asymmetrical patchwork dress that could have slid right off her personal design table.

Ahead, see Fox — now an entire foot taller — strut during New York Fashion Week like a pro.