Kendall Jenner Manages to Make a Sweet Gingham Bikini Inexplicably Sexy

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Gingham has emerged as a decidedly popular and borderline ubiquitous print this Summer. Though many adjectives can be used to describe the pattern — adorable, retro, and classic — sexy does not immediately come to mind. That is, until we saw Kendall Jenner's iteration.

Kendall shared a picture of herself wearing a gingham two-piece and an ultra-cropped t-shirt. This specific scoop-neck bikini set is the Anjelica Huston Bikini from Lioness, available online for $69. The model captioned her shot with three pizza emoji (a reference to her "Pizza Boys" top that's merch from the DJ group of the same name). Ahead, shop Kendall's trendy bikini as well as several similar selections.