It's Time to Keep Up With Kendall and Kylie Jenner's Model Cousin You Never Knew Existed

Just when you thought you've met the extent of the Kardashian-Jenner pack, another family member has surfaced. Enter Natalie Zettel, the daughter of Kris Jenner's sister, Karen Houghton. (Yes, we were surprised to learn that Kris had a sister too.)

Another surprising fact? The 18-year-old, who's apparently close with her cousins Kendall and Kylie Jenner, is also a model. People have already been comparing Natalie to her cousins, saying that they could be twins. After having a look at her Instagram feed, we have no doubt we'll be seeing a lot more of the California native in the near future. Keep reading to learn more about Natalie, and let us know if you see the resemblance.

Natalie Zettel Is From San Diego

Her Mother, Karen Houghton, Is Kris Jenner's Sister

The 18-Year-Old Is Also a Model

Here She Is Posing With Her Mother and Grandmother Mary Jo

Hanging Out With Her Cousin Kylie Jenner

Natalie Definitely Knows How to Work It For the Camera

See What We Mean?

She's a Pro When It Comes to Taking Mirror Selfies

She Knows How to Find the Perfect Natural Light For Her Instagrams

Like Her Cousins, She Loves Taking Bikinigrams

We Have a Feeling Her Modeling Career Is Going to Take Off Soon