Kim Kardashian Showed Off a Vintage Tiger Dress Once Worn by Cindy Crawford

Kim Kardashian is all about her vintage pieces nowadays, and when she's lucky enough to wear a legendary Roberto Cavalli piece, who can blame her? The 39-year-old reality TV star recently showed off a sleek tiger-print maxi dress on Instagram, and fashion nerds might recognize the silk gown from back in the 2000s. Supermodel Cindy Crawford actually wore the same dress for the Women Under the Stars Spring/Summer 2000 show shortly after it hit the runway.

Kim snatched the dress up for herself on luxury vintage retailer What Goes Around Comes Around. She styled it with oversize cross earrings and rectangular brown sunglasses, along with a slicked-back braid extending to her waist. That's a throwback to the aughts if I've ever seen one!