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Levi's Campaign With Jaden Smith and Emma Chamberlain

Jaden Smith and Emma Chamberlain Work With Levi's to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint: "It's Cool to Thrift"

Levi's Campaign With Jaden Smith and Emma Chamberlain
Image Source: Levi's

Levi's has announced its "Buy Better, Wear Longer" campaign, which features two of our favorite activists Jaden Smith and Emma Chamberlain, both of whom are known for teaming up with brands that reflect their core values. This initiative in particular speaks to the denim company's sustainability efforts and raises awareness about the fashion industry's overconsumption. Levi's has committed to sourcing materials such as cottonized hemp and organic cotton and producing clothes through a water-saving manufacturing system. But the label asks us to do our part, too, by passing on our denim to future generations, buying secondhand, and taking advantage of options like Levi's in-store Tailor Shops to extend the life of our pieces.

The campaign ads aren't just expertly styled images of celebs in their jeans, if that's what you're thinking — they're a reflection of change-makers who really care about our environment and want to support the Levi's messaging. "As a company that has celebrated pioneers and aspired to bring inventive environmental solutions to the market, we saw our voice in these young leaders. Change will come if we all work together and we're humbled to partner with them in reducing our collective impact on the planet," Brand President Jennifer Sey said in a press release.

Jaden and Emma both worked with Levi's on videos highlighting the reasons sustainability is important to them personally, and POPSUGAR has your exclusive first look at both films ahead. When you scroll, you can read why Levi's partnered with Smith and Chamberlain specifically and hear from the stars firsthand when you press play.

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