The 1 Thing Model Lily Aldridge Does Every Day to Stay Healthy

You probably know Lily Aldridge as one of Victoria's Secret's most iconic Angels, a runway staple during Fashion Week, and the face of many campaigns, from Bulgari to Salvatore Ferragamo. But if you missed the fact that Lily has been partnering with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for seven years, that's a shame, because the supermodel is unbelievably proud of her dedication to charity work. In fact, it's a huge part of Lily's life, and she even designed an adorable t-shirt (with her daughter!) to benefit the cause.

Lily's impressive resume — both in fashion and philanthropy — is cause for a few very important questions, such as "could you imagine your career looking any other way?" and "what do you teach your daughter about fashion and giving back?" Lily offered us plenty of well-rounded responses, and then some. Just read on for a few of the supermodel's memorable mantras.

Lily Has Been Performing Charity Work With St. Jude For 7 Years

Lily Has Been Performing Charity Work With St. Jude For 7 Years

"St. Jude is all about giving families and children free health care, lodging, food, care, love, and hope! This is the kind of place that changes the lives of the most important people in the world: children. [I created] the 'Hope Sweet Hope' t-shirt to draw attention to the charity. I think there’s something so childlike and innocent about the balloon logo, and that’s what this campaign is all about."

Lily's "Hope Sweet Hope" T-Shirt ($25) is available at Omaze.

All Lily's Fashion Friends Support Her Charity Work

"My friends have showed up in full force for my campaign with St. Jude! I’m so blessed to have friends with such big hearts!"

Lily's Daughter, Dixie, Helped Her Create the Image on the Charity T-Shirt

"[Dixie] is only 5, but I speak to her all the time about the importance of giving back. She helped me create the image for this t-shirt."

Lily Can't Picture a Life Without Modeling
Getty | JB Lacroix

Lily Can't Picture a Life Without Modeling

"I’m always asked [what I would be doing if I wasn't modeling], but I’ve been modeling my whole adult life. I’m very grateful to be in a position where my job leads me to join with organizations like St. Jude to raise money and awareness for such an important place. I have had such a blessed career, and I couldn’t be more thankful!"

Lily's Everyday Secret to a Healthy Lifestyle

"Be thankful! It's so simple, but it really works!"

Lily's Saving Plenty of Fashion Items For Her Daughter

"EVERYTHING!! You can never go wrong with fashion, it's all about expressing yourself! Have fun and don’t worry about what other poeple think."