Missguided Shows Stretch Marks Are No Big F*cking Deal by Not Photoshopping Them Off Models

If you shop on Missguided, you probably noticed one big change: the website now features models with visible stretch marks. Following on the heels of Asos, the British retailer stopped photoshopping its models and even casually shared a 'gram spotlighting the so-called imperfections (the model was marketing a velvet lingerie set). The site still has images of perfectly bronzed, svelte models, but there are now a handful more in swimsuits and dresses that show off marks on their chests, legs, and backs.

Twitter users were quick to cheer on the retailer and support the no-photoshop movement. One person said, "Brands take note of Missguided - we want to see more of this, our perfect 'imperfections' don't need to be scrubbed out." But while it seemed like everyone was on board at first, some users were skeptical of the photos. They questioned whether the stretch marks were real or rather added to the pictures. Either way, it's important that these images get the fashion world talking and address beauty diversity problems still prevalent in the industry. Check out the Missguided images ahead, then read up on both sides of the debate.

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