Prada's Resort Collection Is Made of Lingerie and Sport Socks

The Prada Resort 2018 collection was revealed at the Osservatorio in Milan. It's the first cruise lineup designer Miuccia Prada's ever offered us from the fashion house, and it certainly did not disappoint.

Delicate silk dresses were fastened with thick black belts at the midriff or otherwise decorated in sequins, balanced at the bottom by knee-high sport socks and a new slingback Prada sneaker that's bound to impress so many street style stars and brand devotees (perhaps like Susie Lau, who sat front row alongside Susan Sarandon, Bianca Jagger, and Courtney Love).

The spindly straps of book-sized clutches wrapped around the models' arms in the accessory department, but Prada's signature '50s-inspired fur sleeves were a funky enough touch on their own. Scroll for a glimpse at a new meeting of the feminine and the athletic.