Why Princess Diana Always Ditched Her Hat on Hospital Visits

Ahead of the Princess Diana fashion exhibit that opened at Kensington Palace, curator Eleri Lynn talked details with Vogue. Lynn discussed some of Diana's most memorable pieces and the occasions for which she'd wear them. While Diana wore plenty of glamorous gowns and stunning tiaras, there's a sweet story behind her modest floral "caring dress," which she frequently wore on hospital visits.

Princess Diana was photographed in the look at a São Paulo, Brazil, shelter in 1991, wearing no hat or gloves, but a gold choker, matching studs, and a long pendant. "You'll notice she is not wearing gloves. That's a royal protocol that she ditched because she liked to hold hands with people and make skin-to-skin contact," Lynn told Vogue, also explaining that she chose the costume jewelry for children to play with and nixed headwear because "you can't cuddle a child in a hat."

Scroll for a look at what was surely one of Princess Diana's most sentimental outfits.