J'Adore Rachel Zegler's Denim Pinafore and Beret at Dior's Paris Fashion Week Show

Paris Fashion Week is off to a stellar start with celebrities turning up in showstopping outfits left and right, and Rachel Zegler took her invitation to Dior's fashion show as a cue to bring out her inner Parisian. Demonstraing the kind of clothing we wish we'd seen on the first season of Emily in Paris, Rachel arrived at the show in an ankle-length denim pinafore layered over a puff-sleeve white button-up. The high-waisted skirt featured silver buttons down the center and a matching denim belt that paired perfectly with her Dior veiled denim beret. If ever there was a perfect outfit for a trip to France, Rachel's look just might be the one.

"Sis this is one of my fav looks you've ever had I think," gymnast Laurie Hernandez commented on Rachel's post, and we wholeheartedly agree, Laurie. Rachel accessorized the denim ensemble with J'adior slingback heels, mismatched pearl and gold earrings, a metallic gold choker, and a cherry red Dior handbag stitched with heart embroidery. Rachel's bright red lip and matching manicure tied the whole look together, and it's basically the ultimate vacation outfit.

We expect to see a lot more of Rachel and her stunning fashion sense as she prepares for her upcoming roles as Maria in Steven Spielberg's West Side Story remake and Snow White in Disney's live-action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. For now, we have more than enough fasion inspiration to go off of from this look alone. Take a peek at Rachel's denim pinafore and her friend Zoey Deutsch's Paris Fashion Week ensemble ahead.