I Consider It a Problem That I Don't Already Have Rainbow Lucite Heels Like Selena Gomez's

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Selena Gomez, who has just released her first Spanish language EP Revelación, is coming in hot with all of her costumes surrounding the music promotion. She wears sparkly gowns and one red origami-esque dress to get into character for her new album, and we have yet to see exactly what she was working on when she wore these glistening coordinates. It appears Selena was on set with DJ Snake (the duo recently worked on "Selfish Love" together) and she posted a picture with the caption, "thank you my friend, you are a gift."

In our minds, though, the real gift came on Selena's feet: towering lucite platform sandals in purple and yellow with a buckle at the ankle. Yes, despite the undeniable glow of her neon outfit, we are still looking at her shoes, and frankly wondering, um, did she dance in those!?. Regardless, the spring-friendly heels are the most exciting answer to footwear we've seen in a long time, and we'd be doing ourselves a major disservice not to shop out similar iterations at a friendly price point. When it comes to feel-good fashion that will help us boost our mood, sandals like these are just what the doctor ordered.