I'm Buying This $40 Old Navy Cardigan in Every Color — Here's Why

POPSUGAR Photography | Marisa Petrarca
POPSUGAR Photography | Marisa Petrarca
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One thing you should know about me is my deep familiarity with Old Navy's new arrivals. It's not just a personal passion; it's an essential part of my job to stay updated on the brand's latest and most exciting offerings. This entails being super swift (!) in securing items before they vanish from the shelves — a lesson I learned the hard way. For instance, last year, I stumbled upon a cozy collared sweater that instantly caught my eye. I decided to take some time to contemplate my purchase decision, and when I returned the following day, I found it had completely sold out. That said, you can imagine my excitement when I chanced upon a nearly identical version for this season. Let me introduce you to the Old Navy Shaker-Stitch Collared Cardigan Sweater ($40), which I somehow love even more than expected. Ahead, I break down everything I love about it and why you should scoop it up while it's still in stock.

What I Love About the Old Navy Shaker-Stitch Collared Cardigan

What I love about this collared cardigan is that it's equal parts cozy and chic. Thanks to its super-soft shaker-stitch yarn fabric and relaxed fit, it feels like a comfy sweatshirt, yet it looks sophisticated with its spread collar and six-button front. I teamed it with my favorite Ramy Brook jeans and boots for a casual look, as seen in the accompanying imagery, but I can also see myself dressing it up with faux-leather trousers or a maxi skirt for a more professional setting.

What's Worth Noting About the Old Navy Shaker-Stitch Collared Cardigan

The most important thing worth noting about this cardigan is that it's prone to pilling, as noted by an Old Navy shopper in a less-than-favorable review. While I haven't personally encountered this issue yet, it's wise to heed the brand's washing instructions: machine-wash on a cold, gentle cycle, then lay it flat to dry. Although I haven't washed it just yet after wearing it twice, I'm contemplating using a mesh laundry bag for added protection when the time comes to wash it.

Another noteworthy detail is that it's slightly more cropped than I initially expected. Personally, I appreciate a cropped silhouette because I frequently pair it with high-waisted jeans. However, I recognize that this style may not be everyone's preference. For context, the sweater falls just below my belly button, and I ordered it in size medium. Per the brand, it's designed to land at your waist.

POPSUGAR Photography | Marisa Petrarca

Who Is the Old Navy Shaker-Stitch Collared Cardigan Best For?

This sweater is best for those who love the collared-sweater trend and are looking for one that can be dressed up or down for fall. It's also ideal for those mindful of their budget, especially considering that some comparable styles cost more than $100 elsewhere.

Additional Details About the Old Navy Shaker-Stitch Collared Cardigan

  • This sweater comes in three colors: light brown, dark brown, and black.
  • It's crafted from 56 percent cotton, 25 percent recycled polyester, 16 percent nylon, and three percent spandex.
  • It comes in sizes XS-4X with extended tall and petite sizing.