The 2 Things This Fashion Editor Always Shops at Target

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Upon entering Target, some ladies run to the swimsuit section while others immediately start to search for leftover pieces from the latest designer collaboration. And maybe the shoe connoisseurs head to footwear, knowing they can shop the Converse brand for less. Me? I go straight to the men's department. It's here that I secure two of my biggest wardrobe staples: plain white tees and crewneck sweatshirts, both of which happen to be Hanes.

While these are the most casual pieces in my closet, I wear them regularly. I own the fleece-lined sweatshirts in almost every color, and I use them to help balance out my fancy metallic midi skirts at least once a week. The t-shirts are made from fabric so soft that I practically live in them, from the gym to brunch to a night out, once I've added a leather jacket. Scroll to see why I'll never stop buying these must haves from the great land of Target, and why I highly suggest you follow suit.

A Crewneck Sweatshirt

There's no denying that having one of these in your wardrobe helps you pull off the athleisure look on the regular. I wear mine with everything from track pants to fancy metallic skirts and sneakers. They're not only comfortable, but also come in a variety of colors. So while you could go for a classic gray, I recommend investing in something bold — my favorite is a bright turquoise — and completing with a neutral paper bag trouser or even slick leather leggings and thigh-high boots. You might be surprised to find how easily this staple can be mixed and matched.

A Plain White Tee

Do I really need to convince you to buy a white t-shirt? It's kind of an essential. What I will say is that for a $15 five-pack deal, the men's Hanes tee is the softest, most trustworthy style you could buy. If you like a little bit of structure and tend to fold up your sleeves along the hem, these are for you. They're slightly boxy, but the cotton grows softer with every wash. Plus, they aren't too long, so tucking them in doesn't make things bunch in the wrong places.