Sleep-Away Camp Is a Whole Summer Style Mood

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Maybe it started with all the tie-dye or the sporty sandals reimagined by labels like Prada and Chanel, but now summer camp has emerged as a whole summer style mood. It's not just the details we've seen cropping up for the past couple of summers — bright friendship-bracelet-inspired jewelry, nostalgic shell necklaces, and the aforementioned Tevas taking the place of heeled sandals on our favorite fashion influencers — it's a full-blown, head-to-toe aesthetic that relies on the many essentials we've been wearing during our time at home. Items that were once deemed "indoor clothes" — think unassuming T-shirts, biker shorts, and athletic shorts — outfitted with outdoorsy staples like bucket hats, windbreakers, and chunky dad sneakers or sandals. The look is adult sleepover camp with a fashion bent; one part quirky, the rest casual cool.

The nostalgia-inducing trend is popping up on style stars, who prove that with just the addition of a vest, a pair of socks, or a few added hair clips or layered necklaces, you too can elevate your low-key shorts, tees, and sweatshirts to trendsetting status. Here, we've curated a handful of outfits that'll show you the way, as well as a few key pieces to shop. Get the look inside.

Add interest to a pair of biker shorts with a bright bag and tie-dye shirt. The 2020 version of your sleep away camp uniform.

Overalls and rainbow necklaces have that cool camp nostalgia.

Remix a feminine dress with a bucket hat and sporty sandals.

Rainbow-colored sporty sandals and an anklet have cool camp counselor written all over them.

Your basics, upgraded with pearl-embellished sandals.

Elevate the camper vibe in neutral colors.

This combo doesn't take much, but gold jewels and bright biker shorts makes for a cool combination.

Gingham gives sporty sandals a sweet revamp.

Go full-on camp counselor, then give 'em fashion girl with a luxe bag.

Simply add gold hoops to cutoffs, a tee, and flip-flops — what could be easier?

Throw on ample hair clips to channel '90s camp vibes.

Sub athletic-inspired shorts in place of cutoffs to get the look.

Outdoorsy-cum-fashion-girl with a Patagonia tee and a chic woven tote.

Chunky sandals are all you need to take biker shorts and a knit top from minimalist to camper-cool.

Try a matching sweatsuit, high socks, and dad sneakers to channel the vibe.

Recreate '90s camp kid vibes with cargo pants and a long sleeve tee.

Top sweats with tie-dye and finish with Birkenstock-inspired sandals for a look that speaks to the trend.

A fleece vest, sandals, socks, and a bucket hat take a basic tank and cutoffs back to summer camp.