9 Street-Style-Approved Brands That Are Both Stylish and Sustainable

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Over the past year, sustainability has become a hot topic, and rightly so. From Meghan Markle shining a light on her favorite eco-friendly products, to actors taking a stand on the red carpet, and over 150 brands signing the G7 Fashion Pact in a bid to make the industry more sustainable, everyone has been trying to figure out ways to reduce their environmental impact and educate themselves — me included.

Fashion being one of the biggest polluters in the world, buying into brands that are doing things in a mindful way is more important than ever. But, as it turns out, finding labels that offer pieces that I like and that are actively trying to find solutions to be more sustainable has actually proved to be quite challenging. Luckily, scrolling through my Instagram feed and paying closer attention to what everyone has been wearing has helped me find a few gems.

While it's important to note that everyone still has a lot of work to do to be 100 percent sustainable, the following companies have been taking steps in the right direction. So, from labels that use traditional techniques and natural fabrics, to ones that support charities and give back to communities, read on for nine street-style-approved brands that will help you look good and do good.

Sustainable Street Style Brand: Kayu

California-based bag brand Kayu works with artisans in the Philippines and Malaysia to create its bags. Using natural straw, traditional loom and hand-weaving techniques, Kayu helps support the preservation of local craftsmanship in these communities, and donates to charities like Unite for Sight, Awareness Cambodia and the YMCA.

Sustainable Street Style Brand: Veja

By now, Veja probably doesn't need any introduction. The French sneaker brand has a strong focus on transparency, fair trade and social and environmental responsibility, and is loved by many celebrities and street style stars, from Meghan Markle to Emma Watson.

Sustainable Street Style Brand: Arket

Owned by the H&M group, Arket offers high-quality, stylish and modern pieces made from responsibly sourced, sustainable materials.

Sustainable Street Style Brand: Nanushka

Founded in 2005 by London College of Fashion graduate Sandra Sandor and based in Budapest, Nanushka is a contemporary label renowned for its edgy yet feminine collections, and vegan leather pieces.

Sustainable Street Style Brand: Filippa K

Founded in 1993 in Stockholm, Filippa K is a modern fashion brand that provides a mindful solution to modern fashion thanks to timeless collections that have been designed with Scandinavian minimalism and long-lasting qualities in mind.

Sustainable Street Style Brand: Ninety Percent

Launched in 2018, London-based label Ninety Percent creates luxury basics from sustainable fibers such as organic cotton, recycled polyester and sustainable alternatives to conventional viscose. The best part about Ninety Percent? It distributes 90% of its profits between those who make each collection happen, and four charities.

Sustainable Street Style Brand: Stine Goya

Known for its colorful, feminine and playful dresses, the family-run and Copenhagen-based label Stine Goya is committed to sustainable practices and reducing waste. To focus their efforts and be as transparent as possible, the founders have decided to focus on three key areas: product, planet, and people.

Sustainable Street Style Brand: Boyish Jeans

LA-based Boyish Jeans gives modern and sustainable updates to vintage denim silhouettes by utilizing men's fabrics and fits tailored for a woman's body. Focused on product quality, fit, and authentic washes, Boyish Jeans is deeply committed to leaving as little impact on the earth as possible: all jeans are produced with sustainable fabrics through a completely environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free process.

Sustainable Street Style Brand: BITE Studios

Founded in 2016 by a collective of minds based between Stockholm and London, BITE — or By Independent Thinkers for Environmental Progress — is a luxury womenswear label whose mission is to create "uncompromisingly sustainable yet thoughtfully designed clothes." Each piece created by the brand is hand crafted and tailored to ensure the perfect fit and stand the test of time, and the materials used are meticulously researched.