Fall Is Here, and These TikTok-Viral Target Sweats Are All I'm Wearing

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Once summer is officially over and the cold weather hits, it's rare to find me in anything other than sweatpants and a sweatshirt. I love feeling cozy, warm, and comfortable no matter what I'm doing or where I'm going, and in my opinion, the perfect pair of sweatpants is what makes it all possible. A lot of the sweats I have in my closet are ratty and worn, so recently I've been on the hunt for a pair of sweats that checks all of my boxes and also looks good enough to wear out of the house.

When scrolling through my TikTok feed recently, I kept coming across videos about an affordable pair of Target sweatpants that everyone seemed to be obsessed with. Not only were they super cute, but people on the app were also saying the sweats are a dupe for a pair from Aritzia that are double the price. After seeing no fewer than 10 videos raving about them, I decided to purchase the Wild Fable High-Rise Wide Leg French Terry Sweatpants ($15, originally $25) to see if they lived up to the hype.

When I got the sweats, the first thing I noticed was the great quality. I purchased them in gray for my first order, but after getting them in the mail and seeing how amazing the material was, I decided to purchase them in black and cream as well. There's also a matching sweatshirt, the Wild Fable Raw Hem Cropped Sweatshirt ($11, originally $18), that would be the perfect addition to make it a matching set.

What I Like About the Target Wild Fable High-Rise Wide Leg French Terry Sweatpants

Target sweatpants
POPSUGAR Photography | Renee Rodriguez

First and foremost, I love that the material of the sweats is comfortable without being too heavy or restricting. These sweats are definitely thick enough to keep me warm in the colder months, but they aren't made of a material that makes me overly hot or too sweaty.

Plus, I think they're the perfect fit — they aren't too long or too short. I was originally worried that the length would be too short for me since I'm 5'6.5" inches tall, but the inseam measures around 30 inches and is actually the perfect length for my height. I got a size small for a looser fit, but I probably could have sized down to an extra small.

These sweats also have pockets, which is a major plus. One of my biggest pet peeves is sweats with no pockets (or any clothing without pockets, TBH).

What's Worth Noting About the Target Wild Fable High-Rise Wide Leg French Terry Sweatpants

While pretty much all of the reviews for these sweats on the Target website and on TikTok have been great, a few reviewers noted that the sweats were lengthy on them. I have seen girls around 5'2" wearing the sweats in TikTok videos, but since the inseam is around 30 inches, I would be mindful of the length if you're shorter than that.

I've been wearing the sweats below my belly button, but I've found that if I pull them up high enough to cover my belly button, I can make them shorter. If you're on the shorter side but you're looking for sweats with a higher rise, these would probably still work for you.

Who the Target Wild Fable High-Rise Wide Leg French Terry Sweatpants Are Best For

I think these sweatpants are perfect for anyone who wants to look put together without having to put in a ton of effort. These sweats have a wide leg, which is different from the typical leg I usually see on sweats. I think the wide leg gives these pants a more sophisticated look that makes them extremely wearable.

Additional Details About the Target Wild Fable High-Rise Wide Leg French Terry Sweatpants

  • The sweats come in sizes XS to XXL.
  • They come in five different colors: heather gray, black, almond, dark teal green, and vibrant purple.
  • The sweats are made from recycled polyester.