Taylor Swift Got Olivia Rodrigo a Matching Ring For Good Luck, So They're Basically BFFs

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Take one spin through Olivia Rodrigo's favorite-songs playlist, and you'll know she's a major Swiftie, and it turns out, Taylor Swift is just as big a fan of Olivia! During a recent interview with SiriusXM, the "Drivers License" singer revealed that Taylor mailed her a hand-wrapped gift as a good-luck charm for writing new music. "She is absolutely the kindest individual in the whole world," Olivia said. "Actually, last night, literally like 12 hours ago, I got a package from her with this like handwritten note. And she gave me this ring because she said she wore one just like it when she wrote Red and she wanted me to have one like it and all of this amazing stuff. She hand-wrapped these gifts."

The ring Olivia is referring to is likely the Cathy Waterman Love Ring with platinum and diamonds (about $7,000) that Taylor wore on the cover of Red along with a Rag & Bone button-up top and black shorts. Olivia's ring, while not exactly the same, is a recycled 22-karat gold Cathy Waterman Love Ring ($3,200) and matches Taylor's perfectly. The "Love Story" singer is known among her friends as a generous gift giver, but this personalized gift for Olivia, along with the handwritten note, is proof that she's already her number one fan.

"I truly don't understand where she finds the time, first of all," Olivia said. "But, like also, I feel so lucky that I just was born at the right time to be able to look up to somebody like her. I think she's incredible. All of her support and like genuine compassion and excitement for me has just been so, so surreal." Watch the full video here to see Olivia gush about Taylor's sweet gift.