Warby Parker Pledges $1 Million to Organizations Working to End Racial Injustice

After demonstrations have been held across the United States to protest the unjust death of George Floyd, eyewear company Warby Parker has spoken out about how the brand will be taking action and showing support to the Black community. The brand is one of many in the fashion industry like Kering, Stella McCartney, and more pledging money to organizations that are focused on combating systemic racism.

Warby Parker's announcement, which was posted on Instagram, states: "To our black community members, employees, customers, colleagues, and friends: We see you, stand with you, and are pledging $1 million to organizations and initiatives focused on combating systemic racism."

When commenters asked Warby Parker which organizations and initiatives will receive the million-dollar donation — vital information that many people are requesting as they read about major companies putting in the work to help — the brand commented back saying, "We're seeking input from our team, and leaders in this field, on a number of different organizations that we can contribute to. Our ultimate goal is to ensure these funds are distributed to groups that will drive meaningful impact toward combating systemic racism. We will share more details on our approach once it's finalized."

POPSUGAR reached out to the brand's representatives to see if there are any updates regarding which organizations Warby Parker will be donating to. Scroll through to read Warby Parker's full statement about the pledge.