26 Outfits That Prove You Really Do Need a Pair of White Jeans in Your Closet

Summer is the "season for white jeans," as they say — even if we have thrown all silly fashion rules out the window and continue to wear them through fall and winter. Still, there's something about sunny, warm weather that makes us want to dig out our lighter shades of denim.

Romantic monochrome looks (think: white jeans and a white eyelet blouse) are fair game for a dinner date — even when you're shoeless and sipping wine on the balcony of your apartment. Or how about styling them with a matching white denim jacket for a more elevated take on denim on denim? There's certainly no denying the sophistication or polish that a well-fitted pair of white jeans brings to your wardrobe — we're even into the idea of super-baggy styles, which may be roomy and forgiving but still as chic as ever.

Maybe like me, you've put off shopping for white jeans for fear of certain silhouettes appearing too unstructured or too see-through, but I've found with time that the appeal of the pants wins out in the end, and there really is an option out there for everyone. Ahead, I've curated 26 outfits with all sorts of white jeans that'll help you realize the truth about these puppies: they do seem to go with everything.

White Jeans + a Bright Knit Sweater

White Jeans + an Eyelet Blouse and Clogs

White Jeans + a Silky Shirt and Platform Sandals

White Jeans + a Graphic Top and Matching Denim Jacket

White Jeans + a Babydoll Tank

White Jeans + High-Tops and an Ivory Jacket

White Jeans + a Colorblock Jacket and Slingbacks

White Jeans + a Tweed Blazer and Pumps

White Jeans + a Flowy Tube Top and Mules

White Jeans + a Fitted Tee and Square-Toe Heels

White Jeans + Blush Espadrilles and a Matching Blazer

White Flare Jeans + Pastel Mules + Crop Top

White Jeans + a Strappy Crop Top + Layered Gold Necklaces

White Jeans + Breezy Blue Button Down + Black Fedora

White Jeans + Fuchsia Cardigan + Ribbed Tank

White Jeans + Birkenstocks + Oversize Tote

White Jeans + Longline Cardigan + Leather Minibag

Loose White Jeans + Scarf Top

White Jeans + Boyfriend Shirt + Sneakers + Baseball Cap

White Jeans Tucked Into Cowboy Boots + Shearling Jacket

White Jeans + Sleeveless Button-Down + Layered Necklaces

White Jeans Belted + Pouf-Sleeved Crop Top + Trainers

White Laced Jeans + Stilettos + Fancy Blazer