Zendaya Is 8,000 Years Ahead of Her Time — See Her Futuristic Gown at the Dune Screening

As we daydream about 2022's biggest fashion moments, Zendaya is busy setting trends so far into the future we need a spaceship just to catch up. While attending an advanced screening of Dune at Odeon Leicester Square in London, Zendaya, who plays Chani in the upcoming film, took a page out of Queen Amidala's style book and arrived on the red carpet in an off-white Rick Owens dress so shimmery it deserves its own coordinates in the galaxy. Like an outfit custom made for an intergalactic royal, the drape of the gown is dramatic yet elegant in the front, sweeping backwards into an open-backed cape that may or may not transform into a one-person glider if the red carpet were actually a sci-fi film.

Zendaya wore her hair slicked back for the event and accessorized the look with Bulgari Serpenti Viper diamond rings and earrings and bold lavender eyeshadow. Just one of many desert-inspired looks Zendaya has served up during the Dune press tour, the gown is absolutely fit for a futuristic princess. So while Zendaya is off living in 10,191, aka the year Dune is set in, we'll be over here admiring her incredible look (and Timothée Chalamet's Alexander McQueen suit) from every angle.