Zendaya's Sparkly Pink Suit Is From an Awesome Brand You Didn't Know Existed

When Zendaya stepped onto the carpet at the Variety Power of Young Hollywood event in LA, we were blown away by her ombré-effect, crystal-covered suit that came in the sprightly color of millennial pink. Of course, this is our usual reaction upon spotting Zendaya. The 20-year-old works with stylist Law Roach, who also comes up with outfits equally as eye-catching for Celine Dion. For this particular evening, Roach tapped Italian brand Vivetta for Zendaya's scene-stealing separates, capping them off with a pair of Ruthie Davis heels and Effy Jewelry rings.

Zendaya wore the look with confidence, as she does all her wow-worthy ensembles. Vivetta has been around since 2009, but upon first glance, we might have guessed Zendaya's sparkly suit was by Gucci or Prada. When you read on, you can zoom in on all the design's little details, then find similarly playful, spunky pieces from the label you might only be getting to know just now.