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10-Minute Leg Workout With Resistance Bands

My Legs Were on Fire (in the Best Way) After This 10-Minute Resistance-Band Workout

10-Minute Leg Workout With Resistance Bands
Image Source: Getty Images / Maria Fuchs

Is your leg day boredom kicking in hard? Skip your go-to squat set, do yourself (and your hamstrings and glutes!) a favor, and break out your resistance bands for your next lower body workout. According to Dilan Gomih, a NASM-certified personal trainer, they don't get enough credit.

"They're maybe the fitness equivalent of the Harry Potter Room of Requirement because they can effectively serve many fitness needs," Gomih said. "In addition to strengthening and stabilizing muscles, they are also a really safe way to rehab after an injury and gradually progress muscles back to normal movement.

You can also use both long and short resistance bands for leg workouts, but there are situations and moves where one is a better option than the other.

Gomih relies on long bands when she wants to do a combination of moves or total-body movements — doing a squat and shoulder press or a lunge with bicep curls are two examples.

"I particularly like short bands (or mini-bands) for exercises that focus on strengthening hip abductors and calves — for example glute bridges and lateral calf step-outs," Gomih added.

Set aside 10 minutes and experience the resistance band burn for yourself by following along to Gomih's workout below. You'll need a long band with handles and a mini loop band.

First, you'll want to warm up to prep your body for the work ahead — Gomih recommended bodyweight squats for 30 seconds, inchworms for 30 seconds, and mountain climbers for 30 seconds.

After completing the warmup, work through all the moves with the right leg. Rest for 15 seconds while transitioning back to the appropriate band, and then repeat all the moves with the left leg. Take breaks as needed and stop if you experience any pain.

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