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The 7 Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

No Longer Silent: 7 Signs of Ovarian Cancer

In light of September being Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, I found this quote about the "silent killer" illuminating. Dr. William Hamilton, a lead researcher on a recent survey of symptoms of the disease, said, "Ovarian cancer is not silent, it's noisy. It's just we're not very good at deciphering the noise."

As researchers reviewed medical records of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer, they found these seven common symptoms:

  1. Abdominal distension
  2. Urinary frequency
  3. Abdominal pain
  4. Postmenopausal bleeding
  5. Loss of appetite
  6. Rectal bleeding
  7. Abdominal bloating

You might find it redundant that the list contains both abdominal distension and bloating, but medically speaking they are different symptoms. Bloating comes and goes, but distension is "a progressive increase in abdominal size." In the US, bloating is the most persistent symptom, and unfortunately a sign of many other, simpler health problems. Making both patients and gynecologists aware of the symptoms is the next step in the fight against ovarian cancer, where early detection is key.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Ericka McConnell
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jensensrj jensensrj 6 years
Im a little freaked out I went to the dr for a sono and they found a complex mass on my ovary connected to my uterus...they sent me right away for a ct and they said they arent sure what the mass really is. They did a ca125 which was negative but I have just recently lost 40 pounds...however im eating better but i feel like the weight has really came off fast. I also feel very bloated and have a lot of pelvic pain mostly on the left side that radiates into my inner thigh and leg. I dont have a big appetite at all... Im really worried and I do have a surgery date scheduled but its not until august 10th...Last time I saw the Dr was on May 31st...Im really worried and hate that I have to wait so long to have the surgery...Not only is it getting more painful by the day, Im worried that its could be growing...ANY ADVICE?????
sparklestar sparklestar 7 years
Also : don't forget that abdominal bloating and these symptoms happen during your period and really at any time of the month ! Don't panic just because a list of symptoms goes up - just see your doctor.
sparklestar sparklestar 7 years
Amazingly I've had all of these symptoms and received an all-clear from my ultrasound. Completely normal ovaries. However, I am now under investigation for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. So whilst it may not be cancer, it could very easily be PCOS. Always see your doctor.
schonefrauen schonefrauen 7 years
God, I hope this mean nothing. I am afraid
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