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Ashley Graham Responds to Body Shamers on Instagram

Ashley Graham's Clapback to Body Shamers Belongs on a Freakin' Billboard

Internet trolls, be warned: you definitely don't want to mess with Ashley Graham, because she'll shut you down even faster than she powers through her deadlift workouts. The model recently shared the above Instagram video showing her totally nailing a resistance-band booty workout, and though many of the comments were positive, a handful of trolls slipped in their (unasked-for) two cents. Some wrote comments like "Still fat tho," while others said things like "Don't be getting skinny on me now," assuming that she was exercising to shed weight.

But Ashley wasn't about to just let the haters slip under the radar, so she totally called them out. Later that day, she took to Instagram to address and totally shut down the notion that people solely work out to lose weight. "Every time after I post a workout video I get comments like 'You'll never be skinny, so stop trying,' and 'You still need your fat to be a model,'" she explained in an Instagram graphic. The next part of her post gave a bulleted list of reasons she works out. "Just for the record, I work out to: stay healthy, feel good, get rid of jet lag, clear my head, show big girls we can move like the rest of em, stay flexible & strong, and have more energy," she wrote. "I don't work out to lose weight or my curves, because I love the skin I'm in."

Someone print this out and put it on a f*ckin' billboard, please and thanks.

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