9 Times Ashley Graham Earned the Title "Fitness Queen"

Getty /Michael Stewart
Getty /Michael Stewart

Ashley Graham is one of our favorite fit crushes — we love following her gym routine, body-positive memes and messages, and sweaty selfies. She inspires us to get out of bed, put our game faces on, and get ready for an intense sweat sesh — but also reminds us to not beat ourselves up over little imperfections. Here's what she's been up to lately, with her training, recovery, and more!

Ahsley Graham Has Been Working Her Booty Off at Dogpound

Here she is with her mom, giving a shout out to her favorite gym in NYC.

She's Been Boxing . . .

Resisting . . .

Apparently this is how Ashley works off a cupcake.

. . . Balancing . . .

. . . Squatting . . .

Just look at those weighted squats! Dang, girl!

. . . and Running!

She's crushing the treadmill.

She Even Takes Her Recovery to the Next Level

Cryotherapy? Amazing.

She's Not Afraid to Show Some Sweat

And Jiggle!

Her Spirit, Energy, and Dedication Inspire Us Every Day

Go, Ashley!