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Before and After Booty Gain

Briana's Booty Transformation Is Serious Goals

Our thumb-scrolling came to a screeching halt the second we saw Briana Chandler's Instagram . . . and you can see why for yourself:

Insane, right? The fitness influencer started her fitness journey during her freshman year of college and hasn't slowed down since. She told POPSUGAR that she had always been active and athletic, but stress from college life led her to weight gain. "I ended up gaining some weight in my stomach, face, and legs," she said. Briana turned to fitness as a means of gaining her confidence back and healing emotionally, and it led to a passion. Briana now runs her own fitness business and has a glute-specific workout guide on offer.

Like many women, Briana set out with a goal of building a booty while gaining strength overall. She also knew she wanted to clean up her diet to feel better, knowing that "wholesome foods would improve my energy and performance in and outside the gym." She said, "I wanted a transformation that I could be proud of — one I could inspire other people with."

"I wanted a transformation that I could be proud of — one I could inspire other people with."

So obviously her transformation is jaw-dropping, but how exactly did she do it? "I worked out legs and glutes consistently," she said . . . sounds simple enough. "Generally around two times a week, sometimes three." Her workouts include plyo, machine work, and resistance training with loops and bands (like in her workout guides). "I love supersetting plyometric exercises with free weights or machines that target legs and glutes," she said. "I also am a huge fan of resistance training, whether it be with mini loops, bands, or using the cables."

Briana: Before

Her advice to women looking for similar results is simple and straightforward: keep it simple. "Make sure you set small goals and conquer them," she said. We can't stress this enough: mini victories and baby steps add up to huge success. "Sometimes we try to do too much at once and end up getting discouraged and thus lack the results we strive for," she said. So break up your goals into smaller ones!

Her second tip is to keep trying new workouts until you find what works for you. "Exercise in a way that excites you!" she said. "You don't HAVE to work out in a gym. If you are outdoorsy, take your workout to the park, hiking trails, or to the lake!" If you want to follow the exact plan Briana used for her own transformation, she noted that you can check out her personal program.

Briana: After

Another important part of her routine was her diet. She noted that her diet (most days) consists of protein-oatmeal with berries in the morning ("You can mix in chocolate peanut butter protein or a vanilla protein"), zoodles with homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs for lunch, and protein-packed dinners (she recently has been making rice and shrimp with a tomato and mushroom sauce). For a sweet sip, she reaches for "apple cinnamon herbal tea," and for "occasional treats" she loves "Ben & Jerry's Tonight Dough or Lindor chocolates." How's that for balance?

Her diet and exercise overhaul has given her more than a dream-worthy booty and strong physique. Briana told POPSUGAR that she has "developed a healthier relationship with food," and she no longer feels guilty for eating certain foods. "I have learned what balance is in regards to fitness and nutrition. It has become something much more sustainable to me. In fact, it is a lifestyle for me now," she said. She also noted her increase in energy from living a healthier lifestyle, which "helps to do tasks outside of the gym!"

She also feels proud that she reached her goal of not only transforming her body, but of finding a way to help others on their fitness journeys, too. "I have had the honor of having women and men share their progress with me . . . I feel inspired through the people who I am able to help and those that are yet to come."

Image Source: Noel Daganta
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