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Beginner Arm Workout With Weights

This Beginner-Friendly Arm Workout Has Just 6 Simple Moves

Beginner Arm Workout With Weights
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There are many benefits to weight training, from getting stronger and feeling empowered to decreasing your injury risk — but if you're new to strength training, it can be tough to know where to start.

To help you out, here's an arm workout for beginners that you can do either at home or at the gym, created by former POPSUGAR Fitness host and personal trainer Anna Renderer. This easy-to-follow arm workout with weights includes six basic dumbbell arm exercises that target every muscle in your arms and upper body, making it perfect for weight-lifting newbies and intermediate or advanced exercisers alike. It's a great upper-body workout to get you started, but even as you progress, you can also add heavier weights or do more reps to keep challenging yourself.

Renderer says that doing two moves back to back — called a superset — is a great way to feel the burn, and this beginner arm workout does just that. You'll alternate two exercises for a few sets before moving on to another pair of moves. It's simple but super effective — and you're sure to feel it in your arms, back, and chest by the time this workout is through. Ready to get started?

Dumbbell Arm Workout For Beginners

Equipment needed: You'll need a set of light- to medium-weight dumbbells (three to 15 pounds). Here's a guide on how to choose the right weight.

Directions: Perform 10 reps (one set) of the first move in Superset 1. Then complete 10 reps (one set) of the second move in Superset 1. Switch back and forth until you've completed three sets of each, resting as needed between each superset. Repeat for the second and third supersets.

Exercise Reps
Superset 1, Move 1: Lying Chest Fly 10
Superset 1, Move 2: Lying Triceps Extension 10
Superset 2, Move 1: Curl and Press 10
Superset 2, Move 2: Bent-Over Row 10
Superset 3, Move 1: Bent-Over Reverse Fly 10
Superset 3, Move 2: Lateral Raise 10
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