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Best Arm Exercises For Women

10 Arm-Sculpting Dumbbell Exercises to Build Muscle

Best Arm Exercises For Women

If you want to strengthen your upper body, check out this list of the best arm exercises for women. All you need is a set of dumbbells and you can do all ten moves to create an arm workout, or choose a few of your favorite moves — it's up to you!

Working out your arms can make you feel powerful, period. However, one of the biggest fitness myths is that lifting weights will get you bulky. Maybe you do want to bulk up — and that's great! — but we're here to tell you this would take a long time to happen, and nutrition would play a huge role (you'd need to eat in a caloric surplus). So don't let the fear of bulking stop you from picking up those weights and trying these arm-sculpting moves.

As a bonus, after the tenth move, there's a 10-minute arm and shoulder workout video you can follow along to using many of these basic dumbbell arm moves. Itching for more? Check out these at-home arm workout videos.

— Additional reporting by Sam Brodsky

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