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Best Fitness Classes 2019

Ready to Change Up Your Fitness Routine? These Are the 7 Classes to Try in 2019

Best Fitness Classes 2019
Image Source: Getty / yoh4nn

If you're anything like me, you're heading into the new year with a plan to make some changes to better your life (whatever form that may take). Personally, I just want to have a fitness routine in 2019, because I've seriously been slacking since having to leave my beloved U-Jam Fitness classes behind when I left California.

As I look ahead to what's likely to become popular — or grow even bigger — in 2019, I'm getting excited to find a new workout that will be perfect for me. There are a lot of emerging trends that we already believe will be huge, like newer and cooler on-demand workout classes, but I'm personally excited to try a class devoted entirely to the rowing machine.

For more ideas on workouts to try in 2019, keep reading.

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