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Best Lace-less Workout Shoes

POPSUGAR / paid for by / PUMA

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You’ve never met a workout that you couldn’t handle, and the Fierce Strap Flocking is here to support that willpower. We partnered with PUMA to explain why.

There was a time when laces ruled all. You tied them in neat little bows, maybe you even weaved them to make a checkerboard pattern. Either way, it's time for an upgrade because laces have gone the way of the dodo. The biggest trend we're seeing now in the fitness space is to ditch the laces completely.

Women everywhere are being unapologetically expressive in all aspects of their lives, and that is transitioning to their workout gear, too. PUMA's Fierce Strap Flocking Women's Training shoe is paving the way for these women to make noise. Featuring a flocked velvet pattern on the upper and special elastic wrap in lieu of laces, these sneaks are helping athletes be their true, most dynamic selves. To better showcase it, we tapped three POPSUGAR staffers who love 'em.

These women say laces are out. This is what's in.

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