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Boutique Fitness Classes in New York City

I Worked Out Every Day For a Week, and This Is What I Learned

Boutique Fitness Classes in New York City
Image Source: Christina Najjar

New Yorkers are many things — passionate, funny, direct, but easygoing is not one of them. Since moving to New York, I have noticed people take fitness very seriously indeed! They wake up at the crack of dawn to Spin, tone, run, and a lot of other verbs I haven't quite figured out yet. Because the city is so crowded and landlocked, there isn't a ton of opportunity to hike or run outside, which is what I did for exercise when I lived in California. This combined with the fact that New Yorkers like to look amazing at all times has produced a plethora of boutique fitness classes to suit every whim and fancy. Nearly every week I hear of a new class frequented by bloggers or celebrities, and I knew I had to try some.

Here's the thing about fancy boutique fitness classes: they are expensive and intimidating. They all seem to have cult followings with supertoned followers who know intuitively how to do every move. There, I said it!

So I decided to do one boutique fitness class every day for a week. It sounds crazy, but I wanted to challenge myself and find out which of these niche workouts is right for me. As I said, boutique fitness is expensive so I only want to frequent classes that are fun, make me sweat, and are worth my time (and cash)!

Thankfully, I am not training for the Olympics nor the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show — I'm just a normal, working girl who sometimes can't muster the strength to just go to the gym and train herself, so that's the filter I'll be analyzing the classes through.

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