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Carrie Underwood Responds to Attack on Personal Trainer

Carrie Underwood Rushes to the Defense of Mom Bullied For Exercising in Public

We all know it's not a good idea to mess with Carrie Underwood, especially if you care about your car. This includes messing with her trainer.

Carrie's friend and trainer, Erin Oprea, was squeezing in a quick workout while watching her son's soccer game (great idea, by the way). Not only was she being an attentive and involved parent, but she also got in some daily cardio and stayed active and healthy while doing so. Bravo, right? Except Erin went home only to see a post from a snarky dad on Facebook (plus a pretty creepy picture of her), who apparently believes that women only work out to make a spectacle of themselves. But he took it further: he went on in his comments to call Erin a "butterface" and continued to tear her down, all because she chose to get a bit of fitness in instead of sitting on the bleachers for an hour.

Carrie caught wind of what happened to Erin, and immediately voiced her support and defense on Instagram. The singer and mom jumped in to celebrate her friend's mature and positive response, commending how she "use[d] someone else's negativity to help others."

Erin also raised a great point on her blog: fear of ridicule is what stands between so many people and their fitness goals. "This is exactly why many people don't embrace an active lifestyle in ordinary situations: They are worried that they will draw attention and, even worse, ridicule."

So here's what we have to say to you, bullies: an active lifestyle is something that should be embraced. Personal fitness is not a spectacle. Women don't make decisions based on what the guys around them think. And if "every dad at the soccer field" thinks a woman is working out for attention? Guess what — they don't care.

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