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Charlize Theron Uses Pot Edibles For Sleep

Charlize Theron Has a Hard Time Sleeping, So Her Mom Bought Her Weed

Thanks to marijuana and her mom, Charlize Theron is sleeping easy! The Gringo star stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night to talk about the film, where she plays the executive of a company that manufacturers a medical marijuana pill. Jimmy asked Charlize about her real-life weed habits and she admitted to Jimmy that she actually had a "good solid eight years" on marijuana before it became less fun for her. Recently, however, she and her mom haven't been sleeping well. While they do take sleep medication, Charlize suggested they try a strain to get a more restful night's sleep.

Little did she know, her mom was about to be more than proactive. "I really thought I would have to be the responsible one to have to go and get that," Charlize joked, but her sweet mom took the initiative to show up at her house and leave a little container on Charlize's kitchen table. She picked up some cannabis-infused chocolates and mints, probably similar to these products from Kiva Confections, and gave Charlize tips on which ones work best. Charlize assumed her mom got the products from a "young tennis friend" and was very surprised that her mom went to a dispensary on her own. Her very devoted mom definitely left with a "full experience."

So, what's the verdict? Do the cannabis-infused products do the trick? Well, according to Charlize, yes! She gushed to Jimmy about her incredible night's sleep now, all thanks to her mom. But don't ask her to score you weed anytime soon — in the words of Charlize, "You can't have her; she's all mine."

Image Source: ABC
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