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Dietitian-Favorite Low-Carb Snacks For Weight Loss

These Are the 9 Simple, Low-Carb Snacks That Dietitians Want You to Eat For Weight Loss

Low-carb diets are great for weight loss and losing belly fat in particular, but sticking to them for every meal and snack is . . . really hard. The trick is to find a few low-carb snack options that'll keep you full between meals without getting in the way of your goals. But just because a snack is low-carb doesn't mean it's healthy; studies have shown that ultraprocessed foods can lead to weight gain, and there are a lot of them in the low-carb sphere. So which snacks will help you lose weight? We asked the experts, aka dietitians, what low-carb snacks they reach for and recommend when weight loss is the goal.

But before we begin, one thing to remember: "In regards to carbs, the focus should be on quality, not necessarily quantity," said New York-based dietitian Rachel Fine of To the Pointe Nutrition. In other words, obsessing over the exact amount of carbs you're eating won't help you as much as focusing on what those carbs actually are, i.e. processed or all natural. "Carbs should come from plant-based, minimally processed, carbohydrate-containing foods," Rachel said. As Shana Spence, MS, RDN, of The Nutrition Tea, told POPSUGAR, "Carbohydrates aren't bad for us. Carbs are what our bodies and our brains run on for energy. The ones that people need to avoid are highly processed and saturated with sugar."

With that in mind, read on for low-carb, dietitian-approved recipes and recommendations for high-quality, low-carb snacks to keep you full and, as part of a healthy diet, help you lose weight.

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Mixed Nuts

"My favorite go-to low-carb snack is a handful of mixed nuts," said Megan Casper, MS, RDN, of Nourished Bite Nutrition in LA. Nuts have some carbs, but they're mostly from heart- and gut-healthy fiber, Megan explained. Meanwhile, the healthy fats and protein in them help keep you full for longer.

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Cottage Cheese

"Cottage cheese is a snack that's low in calories and high in protein, making it a great go-to snack if you're trying to lose weight," Megan told POPSUGAR.

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Kale Chips

Maryann Walsh, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, loves kale chips as a healthy, savory, low-carb snack option. You can buy a few different varieties, but Maryann simply rips off the leaves, lays them on a sheet pan, and bakes for 10-15 minutes. "These are very low-carb and, while a bit flimsy, can also work for dipping!" she said.

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Celery Sticks With Peanut Butter

Celery sticks and peanut butter are not only crunchy and creamy, but also nostalgic! "An old standby from childhood," said Laura Yautz, a registered dietitian and owner of Being Nutritious in Pittsburgh. "The peanut butter has protein and healthy fat to help reduce cravings, and, along with the fiber in the celery, will keep you satisfied longer."

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Hard-Boiled Eggs

"I love this option because it's so simple and requires very little prep," Laura told POPSUGAR. "A good source of protein, low in calories and fat, and no carbs. And as long as it stays cold, totally portable!"

As a variation on the traditional hard-boiled egg, Lisa Hugh, RD, LDN, recommended pickled eggs. She makes them by boiling an egg with vinegar and canned red beets. Beets have some carbs, but in small amounts, and while traditional recipes call for sugar, Lisa says it's totally fine to leave them out. The vinegar gives your snack a strong, satisfying flavor.

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Baked Cheese Crackers

"I love to recommend making baked cheese crackers to my clients as an idea for a filling snack," said Emily Tills, a registered dietitian and nutrition coach. "The fat and protein in the cheese helps to fill you up while the salt for the seasoning and the cheese satisfies that salty craving." She even shared her simple recipe, which you can try for yourself below:

  • Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  • Make small, 2-tablespoon piles of shredded Parmesan cheese, placing them 2 inches apart on the baking sheet.
  • Top the cheese piles with a sprinkle of Everything But the Bagel seasoning from Trader Joe's.
  • Bake for five to eight minutes, until the cheese is melted and forms a cracker.
  • Let cool for two minutes and enjoy!
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"When watching carbs, I love snacking on blueberries," said Lauren Manaker, MS, LD, a registered dietitian nutritionist at Nutrition Now Counseling. "Although they naturally contain some carbs due to their fiber content, they only provide 7 grams of net carbs per half-cup serving. They satisfy my sweet tooth and give me a boost of antioxidants that is super important, no matter what diet a person is following."

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Yogurt With Fruit

Fruit with yogurt is a great low-carb snack option, especially if you opt for plain yogurt, said Shana. "The ones with fruit almost always have added sugar and it's not hard at all to add your own fruit," she told POPSUGAR. The yogurt is high in protein, which keeps you satiated and less prone to reach for other snacks.

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Vegetables With Hummus

Shana said she also loves eating raw vegetables like cucumber, broccoli, and cauliflower with hummus. The veggies provide a healthy crunch while the hummus, made from chickpeas, is filling and high in both protein and fiber. Buy your favorite flavor or make your own with this simple hummus recipe.

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