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Do Healing Crystals Work?

Do Crystals Actually Work? A Spiritual Healer Explains

Chances are you've been hearing about crystals or seeing them on your Instagram. Crystals are probably the trendiest wellness practice of the moment, but we wanted to learn more about them — sure, they're beautiful (just look at this water bottle!) . . . but what do they do? Do they work? Is there proof?

So many questions, so many crystals, so little time. Crystals purportedly can help with so many aspects of your mental and physical health, so let's get into it and explore what crystals actually do and how they can impact your well-being every day.

What Do Crystals Do?

According to crystal healer and therapist Mytrae Meliana, MFT, CHT, they do quite a bit; everything from improving your energy and mood to making you more creative and clearing your head for meditation. "Crystals are high-vibrational beings that work on multiple levels of your body: physical, emotions, mind, energy, and spirit," said Meliana. Among many things, crystals can . . .

  • Improve energy. Crystals "are used to cleanse, rebalance, and activate your chakras (or energy centers)."
  • Enhance happiness. "They amplify your thoughts and emotions, so when you think positive thoughts and feel positive emotions, they help you feel even better." Sounds wonderful, right?
  • Better meditation. "When you meditate, crystals support your consciousness, so you rise effortlessly to your natural spiritual state," said Meliana.
  • Heighten creativity. Writer's block? Drawing creative blanks? Try crystals. "When you create, they help you tap into your inspiration, flow, and focus."
  • Reduce negative energy. Like air purifiers, but for your emotions. "As natural purifiers, they absorb negative energy and transmit positive energies so they're wonderful to have in your home or work space, as they bring lightness, peace, joy, and calm."
  • Aid therapists and healers. "They also amplify a healer's natural healing abilities." Maybe consider bringing your massage therapist or psychologist a nice crystal for their office *wink.*

How Do They Work?

Using crystals for healing properties is not a new concept. "Crystals have been used in healing for centuries in ancient civilizations," said Meliana, specifically citing ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Greece.

Here's the idea behind it: crystals have a vibration, you have a vibration. Aligning those vibrations can have beneficial outcomes. "Since you are made of energy and vibration, crystals raise your vibration and energy and improve your health and well-being exponentially."

"The structure of crystals matches the crystalline structures in your body such as the water in your cells, interconnective tissues, collagen, and elastin," she said. "So [the crystals] are powerful transmitters and transducers of your intention for yourself, whether it's health, love, joy, abundance, or peace."

Does Science Back It?

Though Western medicine has not proven the efficacy of crystalline healing applied to the human body (there's no scientific backing to be found), modern science has used crystals in technologies we use today. "You use crystalline technologies every day if you use a laptop, laser, a clock, or an LCD (liquid-crystal display)," said Meliana. "Western science has researched crystals for their informational and storage capacities, so crystals are used in technologies to store and transmit vast amounts of information. However, science has yet to explore subtle technologies on the level of intuition and electromagnetism the way ancient civilizations did."

She noted that "it is easy to dismiss [these ancient practices] as primitive, but there are many areas that Western science is still young in, that it hasn't fully [explored] vibrational technologies" in its application to human health. "Quantum physics, however, with its study of energy, frequency, vibration, intention, and consciousness completely aligns with and affirms the electromagnetic and vibrational properties and capacities of vibrational technologies such as crystals."

Still doubting their healing powers? Think of it this way — it's SO subtle. "You cannot see subtle energies like music, a flower's fragrance, or the peace, relaxation, and healing you feel from being in nature," Meliana said. "Yet, you feel them. In the same way, try holding a crystal or walking into a crystal shop and see how you feel." At the very least, there's no harm in trying. While there aren't studies backing it in Western science, crystals can definitely have a placebo effect — and that is actually quite powerful and can still have a positive effect on your mood.

Image Source: Flickr user ConnorJ_W
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