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Gourmet CBD Products

10 Gourmet CBD Products to Add to Your Shopping List Right Now

Gourmet CBD Products

As warmer weather quickly approaches, it's time to add some healthy items to your shopping list. As you might have heard, using cannabidiol (CBD) in your cooking is a great way to improve your wellness routine. By using CBD as a cooking ingredient, there are a lot of ways you can incorporate this super food into different recipes.

If you are unfamiliar with CBD, it is a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid derived from cannabis or hemp. Unlike THC, CBD won't get you high. Instead, CBD acts as a powerful medicine that helps with inflammation, depression, anxiety, and stress. CBD is also an excellent source of nutrition, so by using it to your food, you can create gourmet recipes and still receive a broad spectrum of therapeutic benefits.

We've rounded up our favorite gourmet CBD products that can be enjoyed either on their own or in a recipe. Keep in mind that some of these products are only available in states where medicinal and recreational use is legal, but there are also products you can order online. Read on to discover some gourmet options for improving your health and wellness.

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