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Halo Top Gave Its Cookies and Cream Flavor a Much-Needed Makeover

Halo Top keeps on giving the people what they want. In addition to debuting seven brand-new flavors, the high-protein ice cream company recently updated its Cookies & Cream flavor after receiving some complaints from consumers.

On Instagram, Halo Top announced that it recently gave the flavor a makeover. In a caption, the brand said, "You asked, we listened. We gave our Cookies & Cream a flavor makeover so that it tastes just as good as it looks." The updated flavor is officially available in stores now.

Halo Top pints typically range in calories from 240 to 360. The updated Cookies & Cream pint is on the higher end of that spectrum at 320 calories. Like every other pint, however, it contains 20 grams of protein.


Prior to this recent improvement, many consumers felt as though the flavor tasted too artificial. In a review of Halo Top's many flavors, the food blog Junk Banter said it would not recommend the flavor: "There's lots of cookies crumbs blended into the pint, but they don't carry enough cocoa or chocolate flavor. It leaves an undesirable aftertaste that is impossible to ignore."

Thankfully, Halo Top heard those complaints and swiftly fixed the problem!

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