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Health and Wellness Tips For Busy People

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We've partnered with StarKist to help you stay committed to your health goals, even when life threatens to get in the way.

It's one thing to make it to the gym on a normal day — it's another when you're feeling overtaxed and anxious about everything on your plate. The stress of a looming deadline at work, an urgent car repair, or a day packed with meetings can be enough to make you want to skip your usual date with the treadmill and grab a handful of greasy chips as a snack.

Tempting as it is to veg out in front of the TV, a long day is no excuse to neglect the healthy lifestyle you've been so carefully cultivating. In fact, working out and eating well can actually help reduce your anxiety and improve your mood. Prepare for the next stressful day before it even arrives by following these tips for maintaining your healthy lifestyle, no matter what life throws at you.