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Healthy Restaurants in Each State

50 States of Hip and Healthy Food Spots

If traveling is a part of your regular routine, sometimes you get sick of doing the touristy thing and indulging in everything the city has to offer. Maybe you're traveling to a new place and you're excited to sample anything and everything fried, fatty, and sweet, but you also crave something healthy here and there to balance it out. Whatever your goals are, we pulled together a roundup of fresh and healthy restaurants and cafes to check out in every state the next time you're in town. Healthy has never been so easy. Let's take a tour around the states plate by plate!

Alabama — Farm Burger

Yes, burgers can be healthy! Farm Burger is all grass-fed, and the menu changes with the season to feature the freshest ingredients.

Alaska — Acai Alaska

Alaskan snack shop Acai Alaska allows you to customize everything about your acai bowl, from the base to the toppings and fruit.

Image Source: Acai Alaska

Arizona — Goodness Juice Bar

The fresh and unique Goodness Juice Bar is a true gem, serving everything from bowls, sandwiches, salads, and wraps to smoothies and juices.

Image Source: gideonbieser

Arkansas — Ohia Poke

Get your poke fix Down South at Ohia Poke, a spot that's designed to take you straight back to Hawaii.

Image Source: Ohia Poke

California — Mendocino Farms

With the motto "Eat Happy," Mendocino Farms offers fresh salads and sandwiches that you won't find anywhere else.

Image Source: Mendocino Farms

Colorado — Modern Market Eatery

On your next trip to Colorado, stop by Modern Market Eatery if you're looking to feel good. It's known for its clean ingredients, even providing the calorie count on the menu.

Image Source: Modern Market

Connecticut — Pitaziki Mediterranean Grill

With the ability to choose your own base, proteins, toppings, and sauces, Connecticut's Pitaziki is like the Chipotle of Mediterranean food.

Delaware — Viva Bowls

Passing through Delaware? Stop by Viva Bowls if you're looking for a sweet but healthy treat like a smoothie bowl.

Image Source: Viva Bowls

Florida — Pura Vida Miami

Pura Vida in Miami is an escape to paradise; the menu even has an entire section just for avocado lovers.

Image Source: Pura Vida Miami

Georgia — Upbeet

Upbeet's motto is "good vibes only," and its food reflects that. The fast-casual eatery uses ingredients that are mostly organic, all non-GMO, and without antibiotics or growth hormones.

Image Source:

Hawaii — Paia Inn Café

Paia Inn Cafe on Maui's north shore has beautiful outside seating to enjoy your parfait with chia granola, avocado toast, or whatever else you choose from the Inn's gourmet but healthy brunch menu.

Image Source: Paia Inn Café

Idaho — Wild Root Cafe and Market

For a more upscale healthy meal, check out Boise's Wild Root Cafe and Market.

Illinois — Minigrow

Build your own healthy noodle dish next time you're in Chicago at Minigrow.

Image Source: hgminigrow

Indiana – Nook, A Paleo Influenced Diner

Nook is perfect for a healthy date night that's both gourmet and paleo.

Iowa — St. Kilda Cafe and Bakery

St. Kilda in Des Moines is an Australian-style cafe and bakery serving up sweet and savory healthy bites like muesli and grain bowls.

Kansas — Cafe Gratitude

Cafe Gratitude prides itself on a 100-percent plant-based menu.

Image Source: Cafe Gratitude

Kentucky — Naive

With rotating seasonal offerings, Naive indicates on its menu exactly what's dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian, and vegan.

Image Source: Naive

Louisiana — Willa Jean

Willa Jean offers all the Louisiana classics, like shrimp and grits and fried chicken, but also serves up healthier avocado toast and grain bowls.

Image Source: Willa Jean

Maine — B. Good

With a different menu in every location, B. Good offers fresh, local, and seasonal dishes.

Image Source: B. Good

Maryland — Stall 11

With a 100-percent plant-based menu from all around the globe, Baltimore's Stall 11 is the future of healthy food.

Image Source: Stall 11

Massachusetts — Life Alive Organic Cafe

From golden spice lattes to superfoods and shots, the all-organic Live Alive cafe will certainly nourish you.

Michigan — 2941 Street Food

With dishes from nine different countries, 2941 Street Food has five locations in Michigan and serves an array of healthy Mediterranean street food.

Image Source: 2941 Street Food

Minnesota — Tao Cafe and Herbery

For food that is healing and sustainably sourced, stop by Minneapolis's Tao Cafe and Herbery.

Image Source: Tao Cafe and Herbery

Mississippi — Kermit's Outlaw Kitchen

Kermit's Outlaw Kitchen is famously known for hand-writing its lunch menu every day, because it uses only the freshest ingredients farm to table.

Missouri — Lulu's Local Eatery

With a five-star certification in sustainability, Lulu's is good for your health and the planet. Feel good eating here knowing that the menu is 100-percent plant-based and 95 percent of waste is composted or recycled.

Image Source: Lulu's Local Eatery

Montana — Five on Black

Come in for a taste of Brazil and happiness in a bowl at Five on Black.

Image Source: Five on Black

Nebraska — Modern Love

For vegan comfort food like cheesecake, bacon, and nachos, stop by Omaha's Modern Love.

Image Source: Modern Love

Nevada — Toast Society Cafe

Known in Las Vegas for its super Instagrammable and chic aesthetic, Toast Society Cafe's menu has a variety of sweet and savory toasts as well as smoothies.

Image Source: Toast Society Cafe

New Hampshire — Matbah Mediterranean Cuisine

There's something for everyone here, but Matbah is most famous for its succulent grilled meats.

New Jersey — Mangia Organica

New Jersey eatery Mangia Organica serves up authentic Italian food with healthy twists, like beet pesto, zucchini noodles, and cashew ricotta.

Image Source: Mangia Organica

New Mexico — Fork & Fig

If you're looking for an upscale dinner that's still nutritious, stop by Albuquerque's Fork and Fig, where burgers and sandwiches are supplemented by salads, wraps, and veggie sides.

Image Source: Fork & Fig

New York — Milk and Honey Cafe

Brooklyn is home to Milk and Honey cafe, serving fresh salads, coffee, and dreamy avocado toast.

Image Source: Milk and Honey Cafe

North Carolina — Zoës Kitchen

If you're traveling with the family and want a light and nutritious meal, check out Zoës Kitchen for a Mediterranean family-style dinner.

Image Source: Zoës Kitchen

North Dakota — Green House Cafe

Green House Cafe in Fargo serves up your favorites but with a vegan twist, like meatless Beyond burgers.

Image Source: Green House Cafe

Ohio — Alchemy

With insane smoothie bowl flavors like cookie monster, chunky monkey, and cherry cheezecake, Alchemy in Columbus feels like you're treating yourself.

Image Source: Alchemy

Oklahoma — Pure Food and Juice

If you're looking for something raw and tasty, stop by Tulsa's Pure Food and Juice.

Image Source: Pure Food and Juice

Oregon — Prasad Cafe

Located right next to a yoga studio, Prasad Cafe is perfect for a post-meditation meal, and the menu is 100-percent gluten-free.

Image Source: Prasad Cafe

Pennsylvania — Hummusology

For all things hummus, stop by Hummusology in Philadelphia for some delicious creations.

Image Source: Hummusology

Rhode Island — by CHLOE.

Grab a bite at by CHLOE for a "fast-food" experience that's 100 percent vegan.

Image Source: by CHLOE.

South Carolina — Basic Kitchen

Charleston's Basic Kitchen will not only treat your taste buds with its seasonal bowls, it'll also delight your eyes with its design in a historic building.

Image Source: Basic Kitchen

South Dakota — Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen

Bread and Circus Sandwich Kitchen serves up a variety of sandwiches and salads, like its famous Moroccan chicken salad.

Tennessee — AVO

AVO offers a 100 percent plant-based menu with both raw and cooked vegan options — healthy choices for everyone.

Image Source: nashvillescene

Texas — True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen is reimagining all the classics with a healthy twist, from pizza and burgers to rice bowls and desserts.

Image Source: True Food Kitchen

Utah — Seasons Plant Based Bistro

Seasons in Salt Lake City features Italian and French cuisine that's completely plant-based and locally sourced.

Vermont — Mon Vert Cafe

Mon Vert Cafe makes country food good and wholesome for breakfast and lunch.

Image Source: Mon Vert Cafe

Virginia — Sen Organic Small Plate

Sen Organic will transport you from Richmond to Vietnam with both its traditional dishes and more modern twists — offering both vegan and gluten-free options.

Washington — Bounty Kitchen

Bounty Kitchen turns out an array of healthy dishes that cater to any diet out there.

Image Source: Bounty Kitchen

West Virginia — Terra Cafe

At Terra Cafe, a pastry chef and executive chef have created a farm-to-table menu that will nourish your soul.

Image Source: Terra Cafe

Wisconsin — Good Food Low Carb Cafe

Good Food Low Carb cafe makes keto on the go a breeze with net grams of carbs listed for each menu item.

Wyoming — Picnic

Need a healthy bite in Jackson Hole? Check out Picnic for a relaxing and refreshing breakfast or lunch that's a delicious taste of the outdoors.

Image Source: Picnic

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