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House of White's More Than My Body Video

9 Women Talk Candidly About Struggles With Body Image in This Empowering Video

There is so much pressure in today's society to look a certain way, after just one scroll through Instagram, it's almost impossible not to feel negatively about your body. In an effort to change that, one Australian blogger has brought together a group of incredibly empowering women, all with a different story to tell, to talk about how we are so much more than our bodies, and it's going to hit you hard. Olivia White, the candid mom behind the House of White blog, embarked on a project to point out that we are more than our appearance and we cannot judge our self-worth based on how we look.

In the "More Than My Body" video, women of all different shapes and sizes candidly talk about their individual struggles with accepting their bodies. It's powerful, it's raw, and it's going to really make you think about the pressure we put on ourselves to look a certain way. These women stripped down to their bras and underwear, in their most vulnerable states, to talk about the lowest points in their struggles.

"Often we are too quick to judge a person by how they look, the shape of their body, or how much they weigh... And sadly, the biggest critic of all is often ourselves!" Olivia wrote alongside the video. "But what we often forget is that people are far more than just what you see. They are more than just their bodies."


The video is serving as a serious reminder that instead of criticizing how we look and trying to adhere to a certain stereotype, we need to look in the mirror and smile because we are more than that — our bodies do not define who we are as human beings. Watch the video above and read about the nine unique women here.

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