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How Does Eating a Big Mac Affect My Body?

This Is Your Brain on a Big Mac

Image Source: Shutterstock

It's been a few years since I walked through McDonald's golden arches, and this graphic only supports my decision to steer clear of the calories, sodium, fat, and additives the beloved Big Mac brings to the bloodstream.

Image Source: Fast Food Menu Price

This poster breaks down exactly how this classic fast-food order affects your body just 10 minutes after eating to over an hour after the meal is said and done. Plenty of the information will you urge you stay away, but the fact that you'll be hungry just 40 minutes after consuming 549 calories and half of your recommended saturated fat for the day is seriously shocking. The next time you think about heading through that drive-thru window, just refer to this graphic! It will definitely push you in a healthier direction.

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