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How to Get Stronger Shoulders

You'll Never Want to Wear Sleeves Again Once This Workout Gives You Strong, Sexy Shoulders

How to Get Stronger Shoulders

In the words of Alice Cooper — "School's out for Summer!" Well, almost, and that means your shoulders will be, too! You might want to add the song to your playlist for shoulder-building motivation in the next few months while you strength train for beautifully sculpted shoulders to show off while the weather heats up. There's no time like the present to hit the iron. Why? June 21 is the official first day of Summer. If you are just beginning a weight-training program, you're in luck. Your muscles will rapidly begin adapting to the stress of weight training, which is a good thing! You could feel strength gains and see muscular results in just a few weeks. If you work hard until the first day of Summer, you will definitely be sporting strong, sexy shoulders in your Summer wardrobe.

Need a little shoulder-growing guidance? POPSUGAR is here to help! We contacted certified personal trainer Sarah Chadwell for advice on the top five exercises you should be using in your shoulder day workouts.

"Shoulders need to be worked from all sides in order to have the rounded, toned sexy shape that you want to show off in your tank tops, halter tops, and swimsuits. The five exercises I am recommending will give you the complete package," said Chadwell.
Devote one day per week in the weight room to your shoulders, and we are sure that you will want to bare your rock-solid shoulders every day of this Summer. You will not only look strong, but you'll actually be stronger to boot.

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