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How to Safely Lose 2 Pounds in a Week

Lose Up to 2 Pounds in a Week by Following This Expert's Advice

Devising a plan to lose to weight can seem cumbersome when you have loads of information and diets constantly being praised as "the best" for weight loss. We recently spoke with the New York Giants director of performance nutrition and assistant strength and conditioning coach, Pratik Patel, about how to burn more calories and weight loss. During our conversation, he shared a very simple yet effective formula for those looking to lose weight.

First, Pratik explained that one pound weighs about 3,500 calories. He then said that if you eat 500 calories fewer than you burn through exercise and other physical activities every day for one week, you will lose one pound. If you increased that calorie deficit to 750 calories a day you, will burn one and a half pounds in a week. Finally, if you eat 1,000 fewer calories than what you burn with exercise, you'll lose two pounds in a week. "Usually the recommendation is, if you can steadily lose anywhere from 1/2 pound to 1-2 pounds a week, you know you can control it," said Pratik. He added that aiming to lose up to two pounds in a week will ensure that you are burning fat instead of breaking down muscle tissue, which can prevent you from seeing any definition in your muscles. As always, before making any drastic changes in your diet, speak with your doctor.

Here are some calorie-burning workouts to get you started!

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