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How to Stick to Your Diet

The Best Way to (Re)commit to Your Bikini Body

If you haven't exactly stuck to your healthy goals for 2014, there's no reason to get down on yourself! Recommit to a solid workout schedule with our Bikini-Body Countdown, and take the following tips to heart. There's no reason you shouldn't feel strong and confident on the beach this Summer.

Start small: If you're ready to make a real change, don't say you'll start tomorrow. The time is now, and small changes add up. When you're feeling inspired, grab an extra glass of water, reach for a lighter lunch, or head out for a run. Write down sustainable goals and a workout schedule you can realistically make happen.

Get (reliable) friends on board: Developing a support system can make all the difference in your ability to meet your goals. Reach out to positive people in your life who are serious about an active lifestyle and, most importantly, will stick with the game plan.

Schedule your workouts in advance: Scheduling workouts for the week helps you stick to your fit goals while maintaining a healthy social calendar. Whenever possible, make a point to sign up online to ensure you hit up your workout as planned. In addition to scheduling in advance, pay in advance whenever possible; it's much harder to bail from a workout when you've all ready handed over your hard-earned dough.

Plan out meals: Healthy eating shouldn't feel like a sacrifice. When you start fueling your body with quality nutrition, healthier choices just make sense. Spend time scouring our healthy-recipe Pinterest boards to plan a delicious menu for the week that will make you excited to get cooking.

Don't let guilt get you down: If you have a propensity for negative self-talk, it's time to change up the conversation. According to trainer Joel Harper, the feelings that go into indulging are just as important as what you're eating. "If you ate five Oreos, you enjoyed it. It tasted damn good. Don't feel guilty and bad about it." When those guilty feelings arise, refuse to get sucked into a downward spiral. Simply work a little harder during your next workout, and move on.

Know that you deserve it: Nine times out of the 10, you are what's holding back from reaching your goals. Stop with the self-sabotage, and start visualizing the life (and confidence) you want. Hang an inspirational quote in your office or write a positive affirmation on your bathroom mirror; when you're frustrated, look to those words for motivation and let them sink in. It sounds simple, but this technique can really reshape your thought process.

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