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How to Wash a Weighted Blanket

We Asked Experts How to Clean a Weighted Blanket, Because the World Needs to Know

If you've seriously considered splurging on a weighted blanket but are plagued by questions about how to clean them, you're not alone. After all, the blankets are heavy enough to change the body's chemistry, shifting hormone levels to reduce anxiety and lull you to sleep. How can a standard washer withstand that kind of power?

Here's the not-so-simple answer: how you wash the blanket will largely depend on how it's made. The filling and fabric of weighted blankets can vary. So before you head to the laundromat or drop your hard-earned cash at the dry cleaner, check the tag for materials and any special cleaning instructions.

For instance, the Baloo Living weighted blanket ($169-$189) is made with breathable cotton and superfine, lead-free, glass micro-beads, and it's completely machine washable and dryer safe. Elizabeth Grojean, Baloo Living's founder, told POPSUGAR that she recommends machine washing the blanket with cold water and tumble drying it on low. On the other hand, a blanket made from poly-pellets and flannel may need to be cleaned differently.

If you're totally unsure how to wash your blanket or too nervous to use an at-home washer and dryer, Thumbtack professional cleaner Michael Dimopolous, founder of Lazy Susans Cleaning Service, had some advice: "I would send out [a weighted blanket] to a dry cleaners as a residential washer and dryer may damage it in the spin cycle and not wash it properly."

And if you want to wash it yourself? "My preference is to hand wash the blanket on a cold cycle and hang it over a drying rack to make sure it's evenly spread out and supported," Dimopolous said. "I would also use a baby laundry detergent as this will not be too hard on the fabric and would wash it every two to three months."

If two to three months feels like a long time, invest in a weighted blanket with a duvet.

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